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Gilman Tax Relief

Ask any individual or corporate taxpayer in the US, and many would say it can be very difficult to balance tax payments. With the rising costs of goods and services, some are unable to keep up with their tax payments and get in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Connecticut Department of Revenue. Fortunately, there are several programs available to make taxes more bearable and easy to pay.

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Defense Tax Partners can assist you in applying for one of the Gilman tax relief programs offered by the state and those offered by the federal government. We will determine which ones you should apply for, explain why it is ideal, and assist you in getting your application considered by the IRS. You can also trust our team to help you find other solutions in making your taxes manageable, such as finding tax deductibles in your records, negotiating for lower tax liability, and finding a compromise in terms of the payment scheme.

Our legal team specializes in federal and state tax law, allowing us to excellently assist any taxpayer with their tax issues regardless of their difficulty. We are also very familiar with the IRS and the DOR, enabling us to negotiate a good tax payment plan both sides can agree on. Let us help you sort out your taxes and get them resolved in the best way possible.

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How to Get Tax Relief

Taxpayers are mandated by law to pay their taxes promptly and fully, and it is up to both the IRS and the DOR to make sure it is done properly. They regularly check taxpayer accounts and penalize anyone found guilty of failing to abide by their tax responsibilities. But, for cases where taxpayers cannot pay their tax responsibilities due to unforeseen circumstances or are asked to pay more than their actual dues, they are open to negotiations.

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For tax debt, both the state and federal governments offer several tax relief programs to lessen the burden caused by tax debt on taxpayers:

      1. Tax deductions – These are expenses and contributions that can be removed from a taxpayer’s gross income. As a result, taxable income and the tax amount are lower. The deductions can be made in an itemized or standard format.
      2. Tax credit – Tax credits are expenses that can be removed from your tax bill completely, reducing your tax liabilities more than tax deductions. Tax credits are divided into three types: tax credits for families, tax credits for retirement and education investment, and taxes for green purchases. Some of the tax credit programs offered in Gilman are as follows:
        • Earned Income Tax Credit
        • Child Tax Credit
        • Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit
        • Job Expansion Tax Credit
        • Accumulated R&D Tax Credit Expansion Program
        • Angel Investor Tax Credit
        • Digital Animation Production Company Tax Credit
        • Digital Media and Motion Picture Tax Credit
        • Film Infrastructure Tax Credit
        • Insurance Reinvestment Tax Credit
        • Urban/Industrial Sites Reinvestment Tax Credit
      3. Tax exclusion – These are assets and income that are considered not taxable by law.
      4. Tax debt forgiveness – For many taxpayers who can’t pay their taxes in full for whatever reason, tax debt forgiveness is the best option for tax relief. In this option, taxpayers can negotiate with the IRS for an installment plan to make the payments more manageable, request a lower tax payment, or get the tax debt forgiven completely. These are some of the tax debt forgiveness programs we can look into for you:
        • Installment agreements
        • Offer in Compromise
        • Innocent Spouse Relief
        • Currently Not Collectible Status

If you wish to avail yourself of one of these Gilman tax relief programs or wish to ask questions about it, Defense Tax Partners’s tax relief experts are ready to assist.

Credible Gilman Tax Relief Professionals

For most of us, taxes can be a heavy weight in our finances. As much as we would like to pay them on time, there are times taxes must be put in the back of the list because of other immediate payments. Fortunately, you can avail yourself of one of the many Gilman tax relief programs available with the help of Defense Tax Partners.

Tax Attorneys

It is our goal as your trusted Gilman tax law firm to give you the right legal assistance you need whenever you find yourself facing tax issues of any kind. For tax relief, our team will look into your financial records and status and see what available debt relief programs are applicable to your situation. We can anticipate what the IRS or the DOR will request from you if you plan to apply for one of the tax relief programs being offered and how to negotiate with them effectively, so your application is accepted.

When you reach out to us, we will guide you every step of the way to make sure you are able to keep up with the negotiations and your new payment plan. Rest assured your information will be kept private, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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Taxes can be hard on anyone’s finances, even if we know it is a responsibility every working or earning person should abide by. If you think you will have problems with your taxes, you should immediately contact a Gilman tax law firm you can trust to help you find the right solutions.

At Defense Tax Partners, we can help you find the best tax relief program that can help make your tax debt more manageable. We will provide you with the legal assistance you need to get your application considered. Once approved, we’ll guide you in adhering to the debt relief program without hampering your finances. Call us today to learn more about our legal services and get your tax debt resolved today.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (860) 362-2738 for your Free Consultation with a Gilman Tax Relief specialist!