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Unionville Tax Attorney

Both the state and federal government enforce tax laws every working or earning US resident is required to uphold. The Connecticut Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are the ones assigned to enforce the law and penalize anyone who fails to follow their responsibilities as a taxpayer of the country.

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But, taxes can be tricky to work with, and there will be times you may find yourself unable to keep up with your responsibilities due to unforeseen circumstances and errors. Fortunately, you can prevent high penalties and resolve any problems with the tax agencies with the help of a Unionville tax attorney who can check everything for you.

Defense Tax Partners has a great team of tax attorneys who specialize in both federal and state tax laws, allowing us to provide any legal assistance you need. From helping you prepare your taxes to representing your interests during tax investigations and the like, you can trust our legal team to assist and fight for the best outcome of your tax concern.

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How a Tax Attorney can Help You

We at Defense Tax Partners understand how complicated tax law can be at either the federal or state level, which is why we make it a point to deliver only the right legal assistance you need for your tax concerns. We can answer your queries and guide you through the tax process you have to undertake to resolve your tax problems.

Here are some situations where you can seek the assistance of our tax attorneys:

Prepare for and Contest Tax Audits

Tax audits are regularly done by the IRS in order to make sure that no one is cheating in their tax returns, and they have paid their taxes in full. While the selection process is done randomly, it is always best to be prepared for one with the help of a trustworthy Unionville tax attorney who can guide you through the auditing process and make it a lot easier to handle.

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When you reach out to us for audit advice and representation, our team will immediately check your financial records and see if there are any points that the IRS may see as a potential discrepancy that requires additional checking. We can get you ready for the audit process and represent you during the audit, especially if the IRS sees any issues with your records that must be clarified.

Our team can help defend your rights in the following situations:

  1. Clerical errors
  2. Earned Income Tax Credit
  3. Self-employment cases with excessing reported losses
  4. Non-existent dependents
  5. Disproportionate or unusually high deductions in the form of charitable donations, home office deductions, and others
  6. Unreported income

If the audit does not go in your favor, we can help you contest the results. Furthermore, we can give you resources and tips to prevent getting into the auditing process in the future.

Civil Penalty Relief

If you paid your taxes late, failed to file tax returns, or failed to pay certain taxes, you may be held liable for civil penalties. Some taxpayers violated their tax responsibilities due to unforeseen circumstances and often ended up with high civil penalties they were unable to meet.

Fortunately, there are several penalty relief programs available, and they are as follows:

1. Reasonable Cause
2. Administrative Waiver and First Time Penalty Abatement
3. Statutory Exception

The first option is the most common way to sort civil penalties, and with Defense Tax Partners, you can get a professional to check your financial records and negotiate with the IRS that you did not intentionally avoid your tax obligations.

Settlement of Federal & State Tax Disputes

Defense Tax Partners‘s legal team works closely with the IRS and the state revenue department when it comes to resolving tax issues and sorting tax documents.

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We are very familiar with the agency’s operations and the requirements they may ask from taxpayers who request tax relief. This allows us to offer the right legal solutions for every client’s needs and get the outcome that works best for their financial and personal interests.

Our team is also committed to protecting your rights and ensuring that you are aware of your rights as a taxpayer and what can be done to keep your finances in order. You can count on Defense Tax Partners to assist you in dealing with whatever tax situation you are experiencing and guide you through the legal process.

Negotiations on Non-Filing of Taxes Violation

Our Unionville tax attorneys can also help you get more success in negotiating for lower penalties from non-filing of taxes.

If you are found guilty of not filing your taxes for whatever reason, you will be facing a 5% increase to your tax liability for every month you fail to fix your filings. In certain situations, the increase reaches up to 25%. For tax filing failures due to deliberate tax evasion, you can be fined up to $100,000 and face a 5-year prison sentence.

We can speak to the IRS to see if the penalties can be lowered or waived off. While working on ways to reduce the penalties, we will pay careful attention to helping you file your taxes properly and pay them on time to resolve the problem immediately. If this option is not possible, we can help you apply for a deadline extension so you can still pay them at a later date.

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Reliable Tax Lawyers

Are you looking for a competent Unionville tax law firm for your tax concerns and issues? Defense Tax Partners has a great team of tax law experts ready to provide working legal solutions personalized to suit your situation. Whether it is a federal tax case, state tax case, or simply a tax question you want to be answered, we can provide the answers and the legal assistance needed to resolve them.

Here is a short list of tax situations you can trust us with:

1. Tax Resolution
2. Offer in Compromise
3. Wage Garnishment Removal
4. Penalty Abatement
5. Bank Levy Removal
6. Innocent Spouse Relief
7. Audit Representation
8. Passport Reinstatement
9. Tax Preparation
10. Tax Lien Removal

At Defense Tax Partners, we assure clients that they will get personalized legal solutions for their tax problems no matter how serious their tax problems are. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with our legal team and the services we provide.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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Got problems with your taxes or need help with understanding federal and state tax law? Defense Tax Partners is here to answer your call and provide you with the legal assistance you need. Whether you need help in preparing your taxes or someone to defend you before the IRS for tax fraud allegations, we have legal experts who can assist you at any time.

Want to learn more about how our Unionville tax attorneys can assist you with your tax concerns and problems? Don’t hesitate to call us anytime, and we’ll show you how easy it is to get your finances in check.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (860) 362-2738 for your Free Consultation with a Unionville Tax Attorney!